Shonda Rhimes, A Year of Yes, an empowering read.


The past three years I have been going through a spiritual journey of self awareness, self love and self empowerment. This has meant a lot of changes in my life. I started practising yoga daily. I started waking up at 5. 30 to feel more refreshed and to meditate. I started reading self care / growth books. Robin Sharma is one of my favourite. So when I purchased Shonda Rhimes´ book I was taken on a beautiful journey of being reminded of the commitments I have set out for myself three years ago.

What a refreshing read. I enjoyed reading this book. I love how witty, funny, honest but still truthful it is. There are many lessons to be learned that can be applied to ones life. I love how this powerful word  “Yes” to everything that comes in our way can have a such a great impact in one´s life.  Shonda writes about things we women can relate to, go through and experience daily. What I took with  me from the book was, the simplicity of  the Yeses in my life can open up so many wonderful and life changing experiences. Have  you read the book? please  comment below.

Shonda Rhimes:

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