African fashion film, Bangalogia


African Fashion Film Bangalogia- The Science Of Style

Genre:  fashion film

Year: 20015

Creator: Coréon Du

What is the film about?

Bangalogia is a film about Angolian´s fashion sense, creativity, playfulness and attitude in whatever they are wearing. Whether it be a suit or a traditional attire. It is about telling a story with that outfit. The Angolian local word for this is “Banga”, which means  swag, a synonym for style and personality .

During the film we are taken in an around Luanda and on the outskirts of Luanda.  Fashion and creativity is thriving, class and social status makes no difference. It is about knowing how to create a personal look that makes you stand out, having the Banga.

The film explores different parts of Angola and how they channel this Banga: In Luanda, it is all about mixing and matching to put that personal touch in your outfit. It could be a flower on your blazer, a hat or a  bag that matches your outfit. Outside of Luanda, it is all about traditional dresses, necklaces, kaftans and traditional sandals that create  an elegant yet  “dress to kill look” This Banga  is one of the reasons Angola is the leading country in dressing and dancing exuberantly, this “more is more factor”. The banga factor is almost  Angolian´s way of life, it is an attitude that goes hand in hand with the fashion and music.

  African fashion film

 As we know in Angola and the rest of the African continent,  hair and music  play a big part in how we dress. I enjoyed hearing about how music and fashion can influence each other: for example, kizomba dance. I would have loved to hear more about hair as I noticed that the women wore different and elaborate hairstyles, plaits, braids, weaves and even  headscarves. I would have  also loved to hear how hair is part of the Banga. 


Should you watch the film?

Most definitely. The film is a must see. It is full of inspiration and the African pulse. Fashion is a playground to pick whatever role you want to channel on that particular day. It does not require money but understanding,creativity, attitude and not taking it seriously.


Africa is about to take its rightful place in the fashion scene and it is a colourful and beautiful one.

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